ABOUT THE SHOW: Dani is left in charge to look after Max (her young brother) because her parents are gone to do whatever they need to do. So Dani's friends Sam, Jack, Ruby, Toby, Alex always like to spend time together in Dani's Den and sometimes the meeting room, while Max, Ben and Maisy (sometimes Jack or Alex) like to do pranks, annoy Dani and her friends and play video games alot. There are 10 series of Dani's House.


Dani:2008-2014, Dani's House Series 1-10.

Jack:2009-2014, Dani's House Series 2-10. Absent: 7

Sam (Samantha):2008-2011, Debut:2012-2014, Dani's House Series 1-4, Debut from Series 6-10 Absent:10

Ruby:2011-2014, Dani's House Series 4-10. Absent: 7

Toby:2008-2009, Debut:2012-2014, Dani's House Series 1-2, Debut from Series 8-10. Absent: 1

Max:2008-2012, Debut 2012-2014, Dani's House Series 1-4, Debut: Series 5 (final episode)-10. Absent: 3 Note:Alex was a recurring Character in Series 5, 6 and 7.

Ben:2008-2014, Dani's House Series 1-10. Absent: 10

Maisy:2012-2014, Dani's House Series 4-10. Absent: 11

Alex:2012-2014, Dani's House Series 5-6, Debut: Series 7-10. Absent: 3

Coordinator/Commander/Captain Zang:2008-2014, Dani's House Series 1-10

Coordinator/Commander/Captain Zark:2008-2014, Dani's House Series 1-10

Recurring Characters:

Zarina: 2011-2014, Series 4-10.

Megaboyd, Series 5-6

Series 1 to Series 10. 2008-2014

Series 1 2008: 7 Cast: Dani, Sam, Toby, Max, Ben, Coordinator Zang and Zark. 13 Episodes. Final Appearance: Toby in Episode 13 "House For Sale".

Series 2 2009: 7 Cast: Dani, Sam, Jack, Max, Ben, Coordinator Zang and Zark. 13 Episodes.

Series 3 2010: 7 Cast: Dani, Sam, Jack, Max and Ben. 13 Episodes.

Series 4 2011: 7 Cast (8 Episodes Only): Dani, Sam, Jack, Max, Ben, Coordinator Zang and Zark. (5 Episodes): Dani, Jack, Ruby, Max, Ben and Maisy. Final Appearance: Sam in Episode 8 "Sayonara Sam". 13 Episodes.

Series 5 2012: 8 Cast: Dani, Jack, Ruby, Maisy, Ben, Commander Zang and Zark. Recurring Characters: Alex, Megaboyd, Zarina and Max. 13 Episodes. Megaboyd leaves the show.

Series 6 2012: 9 Cast: Dani, Jack, Ruby, Sam, Maisy, Max, Ben, Commander Zang and Zark. Recurring Characters: Alex and Zarina. 13 Episodes.

Series 7 2012: 9 Cast: Dani, Ruby, Sam, Jack, Max, Ben, Maisy, Commander Zang and Zark. Recurring Characters: Alex and Zarina. 13 Episodes.

Series 8 2013: 11 Cast: Dani, Sam, Ruby, Jack, Max, Ben, Maisy, Alex, Toby, Captain Zang and Zark. Recurring Character: Zarina. 13 Episodes.

Series 9 2013: 11 Cast: Dani, Sam, Ruby, Jack, Max, Ben, Maisy, Alex, Toby, Captain Zang and Zark. Recurring Character: Zarina. 13 Episodes.

Series 10 2014: 11 Cast: Dani, Sam, Ruby, Jack, Max, Ben, Maisy, Alex, Toby, Captain Zang and Zark. 15 Episodes

About the Characters:

Dani: Dani is a young actress and loves hanging out in the den with her best friends who are: Jack, Sam, Ruby, Alex and Toby. While her parents go out and do whatever they need to do, Dani is being left in charge and has to look after her annoying little brother Max. Max, Ben and sometimes Maisy always come out with scheming planes to annoy Dani and her friends. Dani has got a t job call "McHurties Hospital"and she is played as "Nurse Emily Woodmagent". Dani got a boyfriend name Alex in series 5 but later Alex becomes her best friends in Series 8. So Dani loves to chill-out in her den and loves to act a lot.~~ Dani as Dani Harmer

Jack: Jack is one of Dani's best friends but used to be a enemy to Dani and Sam when he flushed Dani's lucky troll and Sam's school history project in the toiler. He is known as greasy, funny and so obsessed with donuts and so on. Jack is a DJ throughout the whole series and also a chef sometimes. He was introduce in Series 2 Episode 1 "Jack In The House". Jack sometimes help Max and Ben with his scheming plans. He is one of Dani's best friends.~~ Darragh Mortell as Jack

Sam (Samantha): Sam is a scientist and loves to work on experiments. Sam was introduce in Dani's House Series 1. She is very smart and throughout the series, she uses a lot of science words. She left the show in Series 4 Episode 8 "Sayonara Sam" to join the NASA programme and to become an astronaut. She comes back in Series 6 but she is absent a lot. She helps Dani through her course work and when Sam leaves the show, Dani and Jack will never miss her and they are always her best friends.~~ Klariza Clayton as Sam

Max: Dani's annoying little brother is Max. Max and Ben is always coming up plans to annoy Dani and her friends. Max was introduce in Series 1 and he also comes up evil jokes to fool Dani, Jack and Sam. Max's best friend is Ben and sometimes Maisy. In the last episode of series 4, Max leaves the show because he is set to go on a world tour and he is become a rock star. His favourite song is "My sister doesn't wash her pits". He always wants to be a millionaire also an evil genius and always has an evil laugh.~~ Sebastian Applewhite as Max.

Ben: Ben is known as weird and very funny. Ben was introduce in series 1 along with Max. Ben and Max are equally and helps Max with is evil, scheming plans. Ben is a below-intelligence guy and also a Max's sidekick. In Series 4, Ben is intelligent and goes solo which means that he doesn't really need Max around with. Ben and Dani are the only ones that have not left the show since series 1-10 but absent a lot of times.~~ James Gandhi as Ben.

Ruby: Ruby was new to the show in series 4 along with her sister Maisy. Ruby first met Dani is when Ruby was helping Dani to get fit in series 4. She is a fitness personal trainer and she is always arguing with her little sister Maisy. Ruby is one of Dani's new best friends.~~ Steff White as Ruby.

Maisy: Maisy is known as annoying like Max and knows as weird to the casts. Maisy is Ben's best friends and Maisy and Ruby hate each other like enemies. She is also new to the show in series 4 along with Ruby. In a few episodes, Maisy likes to come up with evil schemes to annoy Max and Ruby. She left the show in series 8 but only for a little while.~~ Millie Innes as Maisy

Toby: Toby was introduce in Series 1 of the show. He always gets a new job from the coffee house-hairdressers-P.L.O.P.S and so one. In the final episode of series 1, his job was a particle joke company that sells joke toys and books. Toby left the show in the final episode of series 1 and later he becomes a top surgeon. He comes back in the last episode of series 7"The guy who likes Hair-gel.~~ Harry Culverhouse as Toby

Alex: Alex was introduce in series 5 and was a recurring character. Alex was Dani's boyfriend from series 5-6 but later they became best, best, best... friends in series 7. Alex also works at McHurties Hospital. Alex is known as a normal person, not like weird and crazy.~~ Lewis Rainer as Alex

Coordinator/Commander/Captain (known as CCC) Zang and Zark: CCC Zang and Zark are to aliens from outer-space and they are really big fans of Dani's House. They have been watching the show from series 1-10. Zark doesn't listen to rules and a bit lazy while Zang is serious and always listens to the inter-galactic law. They teleport down to Dani's House a few times.~~ Harry Culverhouse as Zang and Dani Harmer as Zark.

List of Episodes: 130

Danis House EPISODE GUIDE!!!!!!

Danis House


Dani is a 17 year old actress who is forever being left in charge of her annoying younger brother Max (with his non-too bright friend Ben thrown in for bad measure), her 2 best friends and their even younger sibling "the baby from hell" while her parents go off to do... whatever it is that parents do. So Danis best friends Toby and Sam (Jack in Series 2 and Ruby in Series 4 ) mostly hang out in Dani's Den.


Danis House Series 1:

Series 1

external image Dani%27s%20House.jpg

1.'Pirates'- Dani and her gain are pretending to be pirates. Then Max finds out that all his money have been stolen until Max finds out that Dani used them all to buy Pirate costumes. So Max and Ben make up a map and pretended that its a treasure map. Also they have to repair there mums favourite vase before she gets home.

2. 'Best Friends'- Dani is upset that Sam and Toby might not be friends with Dani anymore because Dani thinks that Sam and Toby are completely ignoring her. So Dani pretended that she was going out with Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter) but will Sam and Toby be friends with her when Dani told a lie?

3. 'Luck'- Dani has a audition today and Dani is looking for her lucky socks. Sam and Toby tried to help her. While searching Max and Ben are winning lots of prices.

4.'Killer Party'- It is Dani's birthday. Dani is hoping to get a great present from Sam and Toby but instead they forgotten about the birthday, but that is not true. Instead, Sam and Toby are planning a surprise party for Dani. But, Dani thought that Toby and Sam were going to murder her. Meanwhile, Max and Ben are planning to get all of Danis present.

5. 'Sleepover'- Sam has gone for a sleepover at Dani's House so she can revise her exam in peace- unfortunately that doesn't work because of these grease conditions and because of Dani's annoying little brother Max. Also Ben is coming to stay for a sleepover for a redress girl/boy balance dance with Sam. While that is happening everyone couldn't get much sleep because of the Galactic Aliens.

Absent: Toby

Note: This episode is only shown in UK cbbc not in Australia ABC3.

6. 'Ghost Mutterer'- Dani hates Halloween cause she doesn't have a Halloween spirit. But her friends have one and Max and Ben want to go trick or treating but Dani doesn't let them. So Max and Ben Team up with Sam and Toby to pretend that there is a ghost living in the house. Dani then finds out there is no such thing as ghost but at the end was there really a real ghost?

Note: Halloween Special

7.'Amnesia'-Toby and Dani were rehearsing for there dancing concert but then dani accidently tripped over and lost her memory. So Sam and Toby tried to make her remember but Max has a plan for making Dani give her cd player back.

8.'Snakes'- Danis Aunt is sleeping upstairs so everyone has to be quiet. Toby then comes with a pet snake and Dani is so afraid of it. While Sam takes a look at it she accidentally dropped the box and the snake is on the loose. Dani, Sam, Toby, Max and Ben tried to help and find it.

9.'Toby No Mates'- Toby has no mates and Dani and Sam tried to prove to them that Girls could be mates too. So Dani pretends to be a boy instead. While that happening Ben tries to be better than Max. After that Ben is better than Max ,Max finds a new pen-pal Toby.

10.'It's Not Easy Being Green'- Sam is worried about the tormentor on electability and power. So Sam and Toby made a deal that if there is no Football to watch there won't be any project to do and that they will go carbon 0 with no heating. But have they gone to far.

11.'Celebrity'- Dani has been nominated for her first award and is busy choosing what to wear for her big night. She is also excepting a visit from her old acting call Mo White. Dani appears to be the only person not to realise that Mo is super-duper famous. Max and Ben are taking Mo's Stuff and taking pictures of it so they can put it on the internet.

12.'Snowed In'- It is snowing outside and everyone is playing with snow except for Max. Dani is hoping that her friends won't be trapped in snow so they can get here on time but they are not because Sam and Toby are taking so slow and Ben is very very lost. So Dani finds out that she has to spend a day with Max.

13. 'House for Sale'- Dani finds out that her house is for sale. The aspiring young actress needs to scupper the plans laid by Max and his greedy lento, estate agent Edgar Molloy. It Dani wants to keep the big bedroom and stay close to her friends she will have to ruin the sale. Toby is also in a spot of other after borrowing Sam's savings to set up a joke supply company, which is faily and yet to generate sale. Also this is Toby's last episode that he's going to be in and if the house is on sale what will happen to Danis House?!

Final Appearance:Toby (Toby is still as Coordinator Zang)

Final Appearance: The Baby from Hell

Note: Final Episode of Series 1

Danis House is Back and their is a new character Jack. Jack is replacing for Toby because Toby will not be in this series except episode 12. Also a replacement. Instead of "the baby from hell" its "the cat from hell". Again most of the time they hang out in Dani's Den and this series starts talking about Dani on live TV.

Starring New Character : Jack


Series 2:

external image b00p99jd_640_360.jpgSeries 2

1.'Jack in the House'- When Dani moves houses, Dani and Sam decided to throw a party because she has offered up a record deal, also while Toby is not going to appear in the show there is a new character Jack. Jack than comes and wants to be a DJ in Dani's party. Max and Ben are planning to ruin the party as well so they can embarrass Dani.

New Character: Jack

New Character: The Cat From Hell (which appears only a few episodes)

2.'The Wedding Dress'- Dani is acting for her drama class until Sam arrives with a wedding dress. Sam wants Dani and Jack to look after it because Sam's has to plan the wedding. While Dani is acting, Dani has no inspiration so Jack decides that Dani should on the wedding dress. But when Dani wears the dress, everything goes terribly wrong. While that happening Ben wants to try to be better than Max.

3.'Hit the Jackpot'- Dani decides to run her profile and Max enters a competition call "Family Misfortunes" which its a game show that they must know each other. Also Max has to also bring a family member so he decides to bring Dani. Also Jack decides to run a hairdresser salon shop so along with Ben's help but can Max and Dani win the game show?

Note: Dani's first act scene. (We don't get to see it.)

4.'Abracadisco'- Jack is tired on playing a DJ gig for 5 years old children. So he decides to be a magician instead, but that doesn't even work to. Finally Jack's has and idea so he decides to be a DJ-gician which mean he is a half DJ and half magician. Also Max and and Ben are pretending to be like a 5 year old so they can drive Dani mad.

5.'Double Trouble' Sam and Jack are tired of Dani going to auditions because Sam and Jack wants to hang out with Dani. So Dani decides to find a double for her. Luckily she did and her name is Maggie. But when she founded a double things started to go dangerous. While that is happening Max and Ben are trying to build a rocket.

6. 'Break a Leg'- Sam told Dani about her story play and wants Dani too be the main character a dog. Dani doesn't like her party and also hates the story play as well so Dani told Jack not to tell Sam about the boring old story play. But when Sam realizes that Dani hates her story play she decides to pretend that Dani has a disease call "Piknotikus Disease" along with Jacks helps and how will Max co-op when Ben gave Max a bad luck charm.

7. 'The Axolotl Factor'- Dani could finally be getting her big break when a guy name "Guy Flannel" herd Danis singing and loves it. But when Guy Flannel comes he thinks that Dani's look doesn't suit her so Guy Flannel chose Sam to sing instead of Dani. So when Sam sings she only cares about being famous instead of best friends.

8. 'Alien Invasion'- Coordinator Zang and Zark accidentally teleported themselves to Dani's House. Luckily Dani's isn't there but Sam, Jack,Max, Ben and the UFO society are there. With a help of Sam and Jack they tried to protect the Aliens before Max finds out there real Aliens. Also Sam has to babysit Max and promises her that the house will be left as it was. When she left, things started to go messy and untidy. What happens when Dani finds out that the house has Aliens in it and its a mess?!!

9. 'Use Your Noodles'- Dani's is on a TV commercial and its called "Noodle Puffs", bu Sam isn't happy about it because Noodle Puffs are really unhealthy so Sam and Max tried to protest on " Down with Noodles Puffs and Protect the Dugongs. Also Ben wins a prize from the noodle puff box and he wins a Mix Guru 4 Billion and that was supposed to be Jacks prize. So Jack trains Ben to be a professional DJ like Jack. At then end will Dani stay doing the Noodle Puff Ads?

10. 'Secret Millionaire'- Dani and Sam can't believe that Jack is a Millionaire but they don't know that Jack only has 10 pounds in his bank account. After Cathy comes to Dani's house to teach Jack and his friends on how to knit. Dani and Sam that Cathy is just trying to sill Jack's Million pounds. At then end of the show Jack bought the wonderful pair of shoes for Dani and Sam and he reveals that his is not a millionaire.

11. 'Lady and the Vamp'- Dani's teacher comes to her house to teach her how to dance. Later on things start to get worse when Jack thinks that Dani's teacher is a vampire. Dani and Sam don't believe him but just then a bat just flew in and bites Dani's nose and then the 2 of them believe Jack. While that was happening Max tries to get revenge for the Chess Tournament and then Max just randomly become a nice guy because of those cute cuddly little kittens.

12. 'Scrooge Tube'- It's Christmas Eve and Dani and her friends+ Ben welcome back their old pal Toby who is back from university. Meanwhile, Dani's brother Max is getting into the yuletide spirot-and demanding loads of presents because Max is being so rude on Christmas Eve. But, that night, Max is visited a series of ghosts who are Past, Present and Future who do their best to teach him the real meaning of Christmas.

Note: Christmas Special

Guest Starring: Toby (who was in Dani's House in Series 1)

13.'Marathon Man'- Jack wants to run a marathon for Sport Relief or the Fun Run. In addition of this, Dani and Sam try to help him with his training but also trying to make him not enter the the run. Meanwhile, Max and Ben have an idea by setting up a website for Jack's funny marathon which the site gets lots of people giving money on the internet.

Special: Sport Relief

Final Appearance: The Cat From Hell

Note: Final Episode of Series 2

Another Series of Danis House and its series 3. In this series the "Cat From Hell" is not on the show this time and the opening theme is the same as series 2. Dani's Grandad comes in the 3rd episode also Ben doesn't appear in episode 3, and again they all have a great time in Dani's Den.


Series 3:

external image 3_1289904738_danis.pngSeries 3

1. 'Weird Wednesday'- Sam, Jack and Ben are tired of Dani fighting with Max so they have decided that Dani and Max would have to swap places during the day . So Max has to to an ad on perfume with and robot costume plus he must sing and Dani must play in the Chess Tournament without cheating.

2.'Chat Show'- Dani has got into a chat show with "Adam Twitfield" who is a bit cheesy. So Dani must practice to be funny and entertaining when she is on the show with along her 2 best friends help. Also Jack has secretly created a "Behind The Scenes" video of Dani. Max and is training Ben to be a politician for the school politician election, but that doesn't seem to be going right.

3. 'Grandad and the Emo of Doom'-Dani is excited about meeting a famous emo "Brandon Noir" and she is going to sing his song which is about sausages. Max and Jack think that Dani is ready to sing with a rockstar so Max calls his Grandad to come and help but Sam won't let anyone sabotage Dani's moment.

Absent: Ben

4. 'The Cook Off'- Dani, Sam and Jack had entered a Junior Super Cook Off Competition when they will compete each other on cooking. While they were cooking some-one has been stealing their tools and their ingredients and also has been sabotaging.

5.'Only Child'- Dani is tired of Max annoying her and wishes that he doesn't exist. So Jack draws a red button and if Dani presses it, Max will sees to exist which means that he would disappear like he never existed( it doesn't really happen because it's just a paper Dani said) just then Dani presses the red button while Max saw everything. Max was so unhappy and decided to make her dreams come true. Just then the next day Max has disappeared.

6.'Book Squirm'- The local library is closing down and Sam is devastated. So Sam and her two best friends decided to protest on leaving the local library open. The protest was so good that suddenly the mayor decides that the new local library will be re-open in Dani's house. Also how will Max co-op when Max has a load of books that are overdue and its a massive fine?

7. Maxworld'- Max has tickets to go to a awesome theme park called "Weasel World" which Dani won't let him. Sam accidentally spills acid on Dani's mum favourite shoes and Sam and Dani goes into a fight. While fighting Max hears everything and thinking of a evil plan. Max and Ben creates their own theme park in Dani's house. Everything goes well until Ben invites other guests to come in and enjoys the theme park which doesn't go well because the guest ruin Maxworld theme park. All he needs his Jacks help, Sams help and DANI!.

8.'Driving Miss Dani'- Dani wants to learn how to drive, but Dani doesn't know where and who will teach her so Jack decides but it wasn't really a proper lesson. When Max and Ben gets a new super fun driving game, Dani decides to try it out and in fact she likes it and actually teaches her how to drive. She was playing all day and night and day and night. So Sam and Jack will have to think of a way to cure Dani of her unlikely game addiction.

9. 'Jack's Rival'- An old DJ competitor Josh shows up to fix the plumbing, and Dani's lyric book goes missing and Jacks has a feeling that Josh took it. So Jack teams up with Max and Ben so they can prove Dani that Josh has stolen Dani's lyric book. Which Sam gets so obsessed with cleaning.

10. 'Who Do You Think You Aren't'- Dani finds out that she and and her brother Max are related to some-one famous who is "Lionel Lennon Zapper" which is the real name for "Melon Jones". When Melon Jones arrived they realised that he's a fake. So the gain teach him how to be a normal person while Max and Ben are training to be Samurai Wrestlers and live like gods in Japan.

11.'Valentine'- It's valentines and Dani hasn't got a date while Sam is doing a new science experiment and Sam is in love with the science delivery guy Lucas. Sam has created a Love Potion, but suddenly Dani knocks the potion bottle and then the love potion went all over Dani and just then Ben falls in love with Dani.

12. 'Buddy Movie'- Dani gets a big part in a movie with "Bell Charlotte". Dani's agency just called and her agency said that she could pick a friend to go with her in case she gets bored. While Max and Ben are being chased by those Geeky Football Team while Max game is being held hostage. So who will Dani choose to go with her? SAM or JACK???!!!

13. 'ESP'- Sam is doing a new science invention because she has entered a science competition. Max and Ben have ran out of ideas to annoy Dani. Sam's experiment succeeds but then Jack thinks that Dani is a side-kick since that Dani predicted the future and that her dreams came true.

Note: Last Episode of Danis House Series 3

Dani's House Series 4 is back again and all new! In episode 6 "The Big Grapple", 2 New Characters are in the show who are "Ruby" who is Dani's fitness trainer which became best friends after then and Ruby's sister "Maisy" who is really good at pranks and a former-enemy of Max and Ben. Sadly Sam leaves the show in episode 8 "Sayonara Sam" because she is training to be an astronaut in the NASA programme also Max in episode 13 because she is going on an camping trip. Ben is really smart and intelligent like Sam in this series. Even though Sam is going to leave the show Dani and Jack will always remember her as their best, best... friend. In this episodes lots of people are absent which means that there are not many people will be on the show like Ben. Coordinator Zang and Zark prefer Commander Zang and Zark instead.

Series 4 Episodes:

external image b0180fql_640_360.jpg1. 'Achy Breaky Art'- Dani is on a real TV show series call "McHurties Hospital". When Dani and her friends watch her on TV they realised that they have cut Dani's lines off. So the next day Dani goes to the director "Zarina" and tries to prove to here that she really wants the job so Zarina asks Dani is she could write a speech why she wants this job and it has to be the best speech ever. Dani only has 1 day to practice and Sam is working on a project call "Subject D". Meanwhile Jack is helping Ben to be cool Street Urban Artist!

Note: This episode is the last time that Sam did a science experiment.

Note: Sam's new dream: Being an Astronaut

2. 'Love at First Sight'- When Dani goes to a party she met a boy the will follow her dreams so she invites him to come the next day. Next day Dani's boyfriends come and she had second thoughts about it because her boyfriend weird, smells like cat food and eats disgusting food, so Dani tries to break up with him but she can't because she finds out that she has been dating the bosses son (which isn't really it's the sandwich lady) while Jack has one spare for the "Monster Truck Ballet" and its for Ben or Max.

3. 'The Natural'- When Jacks get a job at McHurties Hospital Dani and Jack finds out that they will have to kiss each other in the scene. Along with Sam's help, Sam tries to help them by following the steps on " How To Kiss A Person". Meanwhile, Max and Ben explore and tests out a next glam-rock sound which is the guitar for their band and at the end their guitar ends up with a smoking problem.

4. 'We Should Be Heroes'- Dani receives sacks full of fan-mail at McHurties Hospital which she has to reply to. When she hears that her greatest fan Olivia is staying for dinner, Dani decides to become a really role-model celebrity while Max and Ben are pretending to be evil villains and they have plant a paint bomb that will spread everywhere in the house. Also Sam is training to be an astronaut in the NASA programme.

Note: When Sam decides to give up on science she decides to become an astronaut and she leaves the show later on.

5. 'Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow'- Dani is excited and looking forward to spend a day with her two best friends Sam so they can watch horror movies all night and staying for a sleepover, but Sam isn't looking forward to it because Sam's boyfriend have dumped her and she has been crying for the whole day and she decides to cure herself of a broken heart. While that was happening thing was going too hairy when Max finds out the Ben is a werewolf.

6. 'The Big Grapple'- Dani decides to get fit so Jack helps her by getting her a own personal trainer name "Ruby" , while training Dani and Ruby then becomes best friends and also Ruby has entered a women wrestling competition for Dani. Jack also decides to get fit by eating healthy food but Max and Ruby's sister Maisy tries to make Jack fat by making him eat unhealthy junk food.

New Characters: Ruby and Maisy

Absent: Sam and Ben

7. 'One Small Step For Sam'- Sam has been visited by a mystery astronaut sent by the NASA, who puts her into a various tests about space and parts of becoming a NASA astronaut and that she will be leaving. When Jack announce that he will be leaving for a trip to sail around the world, Dani and Ruby decide to put a good-bye party for him but instead they accidentally turn Jacks party to Sam's party.

Absent: Ben

8. 'Sayonara Sam'- When Sam is sad that she will be leaving the show and that she will be her friends to join the NASA training programme, Dani and Jack must show her that it will be crazy not to follow her dreams so Jack and Dani (and the others) decides to throw a huge party for her for all the great times they had together. Besides, how far will Sam go, they will always be her best mates ever. So what will she choose, her best friends or her dreams of becoming a astronaut?

Absent: Ruby and Maisy

Final Appearance: Sam

Note: This episodes shows flashbacks about their great times they had with Sam.

9. 'Pen Pal'- Jack has a new pen pal from Japan named "Kashuro. Jack is worried that he is not sufficiently cool, so Dani sends secret e-mails so Jack thinks that Jack is really amazing and cool. Then Kashuro turns up out of blue. How will Dani and Jack convince all the things that she wrote was true to Kashuro? Maybe they just need a robot intelligent butler, Ben.

Absent: Ruby and Maisy

Note: While Sam out of the show the opening scene is changed. Instead of Sam, Ruby and Maisy appear in the opening instead.

10. 'They Came From Outer Space'- Commander Zang and Zark must save the world by defeating the wicked Zorlok. So they decide to get help from Jack which they think that he might have the power to stop Zorlok and that he is the earth's champion, Meanwhile Ruby must stop Max and Maisy from stealing Dani's newest computer video game. When Max and Maisy try to manage by sneaking past her, the last thing that they expected is real live aliens.

Absent: Ben

11. 'A Fine Bromance'- Ruby tries to find a boy-friend for Dani so she invites "Marco". Then Marco and Dani go along well until Jack comes and Marco becomes best friends with Jack and doesn't hang out with Dani anymore, instead he hangs-out with Jack and Dani isn't inspirational. Meanwhile, Max and Ben are writing love songs and their have been some bad feedback. They then realise that they need some first experience of love first.

12. 'Sister Act'- Ruby and Maisy are practicing for their Family Reunion which leads them into an argument. So Maisy decides that she wants to be Dani's sister instead of Ruby. Dani then agrees and lets her hang out with her for the day, but then Maisy starts regretting what she has done and decides to be back with Ruby.

Absent: Ben

13. 'Bollywood'- Dani and Ben enters a Bollywood dancing competition against Ruby and Jack. So Dani decides to cheat in the competition, so she makes sures that her and Ben win the competition. She then discovers the meaning of good and bad karma. Also Maisy will do anything to get a new computer game called "The Princess of Darkness" while Max is away on a camping trip.

Final Appearance: Max

Note: Last Episode of Dani's House Series 4

Dani and her 2 best friends Ruby and Jack hang out together around the house and in the den. New Character in episode 2 "The Big Snooze" name is "Megaboyd and Dani's new crush appearance is in episode 1 "Crush and Burn". Ben forms with Maisy always compete each other while Max is away on his world tour but comes back in episode 13 "The Birthday Trap". Sam comes back in the last episode of series 4 "The Birthday Trap" and Max and Ben will be absent in a lot of times. Again..... they always hang out in Dani's Den and her living-room.

external image b01dn507_640_360.jpg

List of Dani's House Episodes of Series 5

1. 'Crush and Burn'- Dani finds a crush on a new co-star Alex. But Dani can't help insulting Alex when she is nervous and in a weird mood, so Ruby tries to play Cupid as her own personal date trainer. Meanwhile, Ben is upset and not having too much fun because he is missing Max, so Maisy tries to help Ben take his mind-off about Max and help Jack cure his hiccups by making some wild remedies.

Debut Recurring Character: Alex

Absent: Max

2. 'Big Snooze'- Dani has been sleepwalking all night and needs help. So she calls her cousin Laurence but when he comes he change his name and it's call "Megaboyd". At last, Megaboyd helps Dani and Dani is glad to stop sleepwalking and also glad to have the best cousin in the world, but Maisy is determined to find out what made Dani gone crazy and being a servant for Megaboyd. Meanwhile, Jack and Ruby tried to compete each other in a DJ-exercise class. Who will burnt out first?

Absent: Max and Ben

Recurring Character: Megaboyd

3. 'Bunny Tales'- When Dani's fear of snake is over, her secret was that she is feared of rabbits and Ruby swears that she knows that Dani has a fear of rabbits. But when Zarina finds out that Dani is afraid of rabbits, Zarina decides to change the storyline into the 1000th episode in McHurties Hospital. Meanwhile, Maisy is really determined to win Ben's giant stuffed dinosaur away from him. So they both play a game call "Hook or Crook".

Absent: Max

4. 'Two Week Wobblies'- Concerned that Dani will bail out on tonight's gig and go out with Alex instead, Jack and Ruby are convince that the happy couple "Both to Play it Cool". But have Jack and Ruby had gone too far? Also, Maisy and Megaboyd have to assemble a multi gym with no instructions so how can they build one then?

5. 'B System'- Jack looses his confidence before a top DJ'ing gig at an award ceremony while Dani is trying to make her hay look pretty and looks like the best. So Jack needs help with one person who can boost him and it's intelligent Ben! Meanwhile, Maisy is excited at the prospect of meeting her pop idol named "Bamboo", but first she needs a serious makeover from a help her Ruby.

6. 'Dani's Day Off'- Dani is such in a good mood when she is going to have a fun day out with Jack and Ruby bothering her, but Zarina on the warpath it;s making her decidedly nervy... and she is really ill. Maisy and Megaboyd tried to get on and compete in "Britain's Got Weird but how weird can they get when the weirdest one in the show is Ben.

7. 'Queen Of Pranks'- Dani is convinced co-star Sophie is trying to steal get juicy, expressional storyline in McHurties Hospital. When she gets Jack on a job on McHurties Hospital, she made her spy on Dani and she hadn't banked on him having a crush on her rival. Meanwhile, Grandma Judith visits and can't help pranking people, but Maisy is furious and determined to get her back since she had gone way too far!.

8. 'Doggy Day Afternoon'- Dani has to Dog sit Zarina's pet pooch "Truffles when she has other important stuff to do. Suddenly, Truffle inadvertently become an on line sensation when he starts to sing. But will animals lover Ruby scupper their new found fame? Also, Maisy and Megaboyd go to ever more extraordinary lengths to outdo each other as they compete to enter Britain's Got Weird Talent. So who will win? Either Maisy or Megaboyd.

Absent: Max and Ben

9. 'Freewheelin'- Dani researches and experience her new wheelchair storyline by pretending to Jack and Ruby that she really does need a wheelchair after all. Can she carry it off? And how will her friends treat her then? Meanwhile, Maisy and Megaboyd try to turn Max's bedroom in to a Max Museum. But what will Max's super fans think?

10. 'Ben's Girl'- Dani is convinced that Ben's girl is a mean, horrible bully, and is determined to prove it by making the girl's like a misery and such a miserable life. Meanwhile, Maisy sets out to prove that she can scare Jack-but he vows and really sure that, that is impossible.

11. 'Missing Present Mystery'- The house is on lock down when Dani's anniversary present for her co-star crush on Alex is gone missing. But can Dani work out if Jack, Ruby, Maisy, Ben took it before Alex arrives? Or will their anniversary end in disaster like all the previous times from the start of the show.( Series1-???)

12. 'Alien Examination'- Commanders Zang and Zark are tested out on what they've learnt about humans from watching Dani's House, or being banished to another planet as they think this could be the and, and they will also have to more to another planet where their is no Dani's House. They review some amazing highlights and lows on the gang they have had on the show from Series 1- Series 5 and- ?????

13. 'The Birthday Trap'- Dani outs the wrong date on her birthday invitation cars, just when her friends including Ben are scatters around the earth and they are lost. Will Max's arrival make matters worse or can he save the day, with the help of some familiar intergalactic friends who are Commanders Zang and Zark

Note: Last Episode of Dani's House Series 5

Final Appearance: Megaboyd

Note: The Aliens have been moved to a new better spaceship.

Dani's House is back and this time 1 person comes back on the show and it's Sam. She comes back in the first episode called "Hot Wasabi: One Gift". Ben starts to do science experiments while Jack is on Max's side now and sometimes working with Dani. The Aliens had moved to another better space ship which is called" 1.7957.15/spaceship model 107.1/C. But still they all like hanging out in the den which is the best place to be!

Episodes: Series 6

external image danis-house-web-chat-blue_944x288.jpgSeries 6

1. 'Hot Wasabi: One Gift'- Dani is stressed that Dani hasn't got a present for Sam and she needs one before she comes back on the show from her NASA programme. Jack already has a present but it's sushi and his starting to be a chef. Ruby and Maisy must get the decorations but they have no money and they were lost in the shopping centre while Max is trying to make an evil plan to ruin the party and Ben is just helping with Dani.

Note: Sam comes back on the show

Note: Ben is best friends with Dani but also Max

Note: Maisy doesn't wear glasses anymore instead she wears braclets and rings etc.

Note: Jack starts cooking and likes to be a chef. He doesn't to DJ anymore but only sometimes

Note: Ben starts to do science.

Note: Ruby is still a fitness trainer but also a pet sitter

Note: Dani's bedroom is re-built and they have added another room call "The Meeting Room"

Note: We get to see outside of Dani's House but only in a few episodes

2. 'Winners Are Losers'- Ben, Max and Maisy are having a competition to see who is the best at winning all games including board games, video-games and more too. Then Ben was the one who keeps loosing all the time and decided to give up and says that winners are for losers and losers are better because they could learn something. So Max stops talking to him again while Maisy is trying to make them be friends again. Meanwhile, Dani and her 3 best friends are trying to make her look good tonight because she was going to be a host in the show called "The C Factor" which Jack has entered.

3. 'Lolly Phobia'- Dani has a dream about when she was in this graveyard and their were lollies and candies everywhere, suddenly she saw a tomb and instead of zombies it was big giant scary lollies. She screams and says that she has a fear of lollies and cadies. The Next morning, Sam, Jack and Ruby gave her a present and it is lollies. She was shocked and started to scream and run-away. So her 3 best friends try to cure her. Meanwhile, Maisy is feeling lonely when she was the only girl in Max's and Ben's gang.

4. 'Max's D.N.A'- Everyone is tired of Dani and Max fighting for the 150th time. Max's wishes that he wasn't part of this family and wanted to have another family with a nicer sister on non-sisters. So he and Maisy went to Ben's uncle who was a D.N.A tester and the Max finds out that he doesn't belong in Dani's family, instead he belongs to Ruby and Maisy's family. He was overjoyed but will he change his mind later?

5. 'Two Are Dangerous'- From series 1 and series 2 of Dani's House, there were 2 evil humans and animals who lived in Dani's House and near her house. It was the "Baby From Hell" who came back from Florida which Sam has to look after instead and the "Cat From Hell" who wanted revenge for Jack and this time also Ben. How will they co-op threw this situation. Meanwhile, Max and Maisy are trying to make a new album so they could sell it and have lot's of money.

6. 'World War Dani'- Dani keeps calling their friends and Max mad and everyone was feeling unhappy and a bad day, so they pretended to make up a plan so they could try to tell her off and defeat her, while Dani has to find somewhere to hide so they could not find her and defeat her for good.

7. 'A Prank Too Far'- Maisy and Ben have been putting pranks on Jack, Ruby, Sam and Dani and they got sick of it that they put Maisy and Ben in locked down in the Hot Boiler Room. Suddenly they escaped and planned the biggest prank ever, by putting SUPER SUPER HOT HOT... CHILLI SAUCE on their lunch which could make them sick. No-one ate it but Sam did then she suddenly fainted and had to go to hospital. Will Sam be ok while Dani has to find a suitable punishment that they will new forget.

Absent: Max

8. 'Feaster Funny'- It's easter and the gang were going for a Easter hunt and who ever finds the Easter eggs will be in charge and will take over the house. Dani had 10, Ben 6, Jack, 8, Ruby 3, Maisy 15, Sam 25 and Max has 1. The last easter eggs worth 100 points so that means +100. So who will win the hunt?

Note: Easter Special

9. 'The Right Christmas Party'- It is Christmas Eve and Dani is planning are Christmas party but she doesn't know who to invite and also she doesn't want to invite her friends and brother because they are all completely mad and crazy! Everyone was so upset. So they all try to prove Dani that they will be sensible and won't muck anything up.

Note: Christmas Special

10. 'The Body or the Voice'- Jack and Ruby are arguing about who is the best chef and DJ which turns out Jack is a better chef and Ruby is a better DJ. Next day later, Ruby and Jack voices suddenly changed. Which means the Ruby sounds like Jack and Jack sounds like Ruby. Meanwhile, Max and and Maisy body's have changed which Ben is the only person who can save them.

11. 'The Chose One'- Sam had gave up science and being an astronaut and has started to be like a normal person which made everyone thinks that she is a total "Change Subject Girl" type of thing. 10 days later, Dani and Ruby had suddenly become Sam's servant because they all want the old Sam back. Meanwhile, Jack, Ben and Max are trying to get their soccer ball back from the witch next door.

Absent: Maisy

12. 'Battle of the Fitness'- Ruby has been getting lot's of classes for her fitness training class which everyone is getting annoyed of because they all want to use the den as well. Meanwhile, Maisy is still ill so Max and Ben try to make her feel better by creating some new medicines which will not taste good.

13. 'It's A Pony'- Sam, Jack and Ben had always been listening to Dani asking "is it a pony" when everyone tells her that they got something for her. So Sam and Jack got a pony for her to keep and leaves her at her backyard. But just then the pony crashes the house and leaves droppings everywhere. Will Dani change her mind?

Absent: Max, Ruby and Maisy

Note: Final Episode of Series 6

Another series of Dani's House and Toby comes back in the last episode of series 7 and Ruby and Jack will be absent alot of times. . Maisy teams up with Ben so they can ruin his evil plans and his gig while Dani and Sam have been doing to much cooking and shopping in this series. Also Dani will go for a trip to anywhere alot since she has a car in episode 1 "Car License". And lastly, everyone is absent in episode 10 "Stuck in Dream". All of them still have a great time in the den.

external image Dani_link.jpg

List of Dani's House Episodes Series 7:

Series 7

1.'Car License'- When Dani first wants to learn how to drive in "Driving Miss Dani" which didn't work out properly, so she decides to go for a real driving lesson at"Drive or Die". As soon as she got their her training begins, will Dani get her car license and learn how to drive? Meanwhile, Sam has been buying lots of clothes to try on for her party at McHurties Hospital while Ben, Maisy and Max have found a secret room that they can use.

Debut: Alex

Absent: Ruby and Jack

Note: Maisy and Max have found a new room which is better than the den which Dani and her friends don't know about except Jack.

2. 'The Girl Who Steals Friends because of her Looks'- When Maggie comes back which was in Dani's House in series 2 episode 6 "Double Trouble" she comes back and tries to still Dani friends. After, Sam and Ruby were thinking why was Dani so weird because she was dancing in the fountain, singing in public and telling funny, weird jokes. So Dani will have to try to prove the real 'Dani'.

Absent: Jack

3. 'Break It Up'- It turns out the Dani and Alex had broke up because Alex thinks the she is mental and mad. So Ben and Sam try to cheer her up which doesn't work. After 5 weeks she was steal sad. Will Ben and Sam cheer Dani up? Meanwhile, Maisy, Jack and Max are having a racing car tournament at their new secret room.

Absent: Ruby

4. 'Shiny Star'- At night, Ruby saw a shiny shooting star up in the dark, blue sky, so she decides to make a wish and that wish is that she will be a famous fitness trainer. The next day, lot's of phone calls were saying "can we have Ruby for a private fitness training lesson". It looks like that Ruby's wish has come true. But how will Ruby co-op when she has too much to do? Meanwhile Jack and Max are trying to wreck Ben's poster since he is so popular this week too.

5. 'Perfect Maker'- Since that Dani is a famous TV star, she decides to re-decorate her room and look like a famous celebrity star. When all her friends came in the house they saw that the room was like Wonder Land. But Max and Maisy hates it so they try to make the room back to normal and make Dani as usual.

Absent: Jack

6. 'Max a Millions Birthday'- It is Max's birthday and no-one knows or cares about it and something is going on strange because how can Ben forget when he has been giving presents for him. So Max tries to say that today is my birthday and everyone says no it isn't. This has been the worst birthday for Max this year.

7. 'Night of Noisement'- Everyone is having a sleepover at Dani's house tonight. As soon as everyone has started to fall asleep, Dani and Max had been fighting and have been doing pillow fights. After everyone joins in and tries to stop them. After 5 hours of fighting it was also most morning and they house was like a pig stein. They must clean it up before their parents get home.

8. 'Pretty Daisy's for Maisy'- Maisy and Ruby have been arguing for the whole day and when they were arguing, Maisy looks so ugly and looks like she has been living in a garbage tin. So Dani and Ben tried to help Maisy look prettier but she doesn't want to look really beautiful. Meanwhile, Max and Sam are trying to help each other to take care of the baby from hell and the cat from hell.

Absent: Jack and Alex

9. 'Last Day Is Weird'- Ben is having a exam because it's his last day at uni and he is having a graduation ceremony. When Ben was practicing, Max told him to stop practicing and have some fun instead which Ben doesn't like. Luckily, Sam is their to help Ben and Dani and Ruby are trying to find out what Maisy, Jack and the others have been up to because they have been disappearing alot of times. Meanwhile, Alex is lost in the forest.

10. 'Stuck in Dream'- Dani has been having lots of dreams when she was sleeping. She has been dreaming for weeks and then suddenly, she was stuck in a dream and she can't escape. She tried pinching herself and hitting herself too. She has been stuck in the dream for the whole day and everyone thinks she has slept in.

Absent: Sam, Jack, Ruby, Ben, Maisy, Alex and Max

11. 'Dream turn to Nightmare'- Everyone is worried that Dani has been sleeping in her bedroom for the whole day. In fact, she has been sleeping for 2 days now. Dani is still stuck in her dream and just then her dream has gone to nightmares. Will Dani escape and her dreams have stopped and will Alex finds his way through the forest?

12. 'Two little Bored Birds'- Dani is bored and doesn't have a boyfriend that she likes and will never break-up with him. The last boy-friend that she had was Alex but he is away on trip. So Sam and Ruby tried to find one for her but will it be successful? Meanwhile, Jack and Maisy are trying to buy some things and decorating their new secret room and a club called "Team Trouble" while Max is trying to make a secret password that it would be hard to remember and Alex has been kidnapped by bears.

13. 'The Guy who likes Hair-gel'- Jack has gone news that Toby will be coming to stay and that he is back on the show. Everyone is hoping that he would come earlier so they can go and have some fun. It has been 10 hours and he still hasn't come which the time was 10:00pm. When will Toby arrive?

Note: Last Episode of Series 7

In Dani's House and it's Series 8. A new opening has changed and no-one will be absent. Dani, Sam, Ben,Toby and Ruby have found out about Max's secret room and now that room is for everybody which is call "The Meeting Chilax Room" which Dani says that the den is still better. So the house has been upgraded! Commander Zang and Zark prefer Captains now.

List of Episodes of Dani's House Series 8:

Series 8

external image r605577_3968457.jpg

1. 'Passage Way'- When Dani and her friends are suspicious that Max and his friends are disappearing and they are not in their bedroom. So Ruby followed Max and Maisy until Ruby finds out that it's a secret room. Jack then told Max and Maisy that Ruby was following them so Maisy and Max quickly kidnapped her. Dani, Sam and Toby are now worrying that everyone is disappearing like Ruby. Then Sam disappears and lastly Toby. Will Dani ever find out that her friends are disappearing?

Debut: Toby

2. 'S.N.A.K.E.S are back- When Dani was cured from her snake phobia. It is now back. Every time she says the word snake, touches a snake or hears something about snakes, she will scream like a volcano exploding. Meanwhile, Ben, Alex, Sam and Toby are hosting a video game marathon. The competitors are Max, Maisy, Jack and other guests.

3. 'Elec-tree-city'- In the house everyone has been using alot of energy, so Sam decides to stop using energy and start going green. But the last time they did that in episode 10 "It is Not Easy Being Green" in Series 1, things did not work out properly. Instead of having deals, they will have to use body energy to make things work.

4. 'The Red Ruby'- Ruby is feeling really sick because she has been eating too much chilli and she has been stressing alot. Suddenly her whole body goes red like a red ruby gem. Will Ruby feel much better later or will she have to go to hospital? Meanwhile, Max and Jack are trying to fix the toilet.

Absent: Maisy

5. 'Help From Galactic Friends'- The two aliens are overjoyed hearing that Sam wants to meet aliens because she wants to show people that Aliens are real so she could be a famous researcher and a scientist. Suddenly 2 weird looking aliens appeared in front of Dani and her friends. Dani, Jack and Sam then realise those are the two aliens that teleported to Dani's House in Series 2 "Alien Invasion".

6. 'Evil Genius VS Weird Intelligence'- Max and Ben are trying to prove Toby which ability is better. It is either Evil or Weird because Toby is auditioning for a commercial to tell people that Evil or Weird is better.

Absent: Jack, Ruby and Sam.

7. 'Pet Sitter'- Ruby loves animals but except rabbits. But she still likes animals. So she goes to the pet shop and buys 15 pet animals like kittens, puppies, goldfishes, lizards, a parrot and a pidgin, a turtle, piglets, a lamb and more! How will the gang co-op with all the pets?

8. 'A Job Everyday' - Toby's changing jobs everyday. Everyone is thinking that Toby is getting fired everyday or he was just messing around. Everyone decides to make Toby stick to one job and that is the P.L.O.P.S, but will Toby regret what the gang has done?

9. 'Only 25 minutes left'- Things started go wrong and explosive, literally. Maisy and Jack planted a bomb that will make the den, kitchen and living room full with greasy burgers and rubbish! But Jack and Maisy forgot where was the bomb planted. They only have 25 minutes left to look for it.

10. 'Santa Claws'- Sam and Ruby have been talking about myths and legends whether they are real or not like the Yeti and Santa Claus. Toby and Jack decide to fool Sam and Ruby that they are real so they decide to put a prank. Meanwhile, Dani, Ben and Max need to quickly clean there Parents bed-room since it's a mess.

Absent: Maisy

11. 'One Giant Leap For Maisy'- Dani, Ruby, Ben, Toby, Max and Jack all are planning to create a party for Maisy because she will be leaving to go to Grandma Judith "The queen of Pranks". But not very long. Like all the times, the gang will never forget the princess of pranks.

Final Appearance:Maisy (Short Time Only)

12. 'Gone All Quite'- It has been very quietly since Maisy has left. But the new 2 pranksters arrive, who are they? Ruby tries to cheer Ben up since Maisy has left.

Absent: Maisy

13. 'Mad Scientists'- Sam and Ben are working on a new invention call "The Wheeling Wheel". Their invention hasn't been working properly. Meanwhile, Ruby and Toby are lost somewhere in a science lab?

Absent: Maisy

Note: Final Episode of Series 8

Another New Series of Dani's House and New pranks and gags are coming back up!!!!!! Maisy comes back on the show. Things start to get sad when this will be the 2nd last series ever on Dani's House but will it also be the last time together when Sam, Ruby, Jack, Ben, Toby and Maisy go off to do whatever they want while Dani and Max are all alone.

external image danis-house-goodbye-poster_940x288.jpg

List of Dani's House Series 9 Episodes

1. 'Ruby on the loose'- Dani has been acting weird and her attitude is so rude. Ruby has gone to do whatever she needs to do whether it's a fitness class or setting a world record. Dani and the gang get's a letter from Ruby that she is gone somewhere and that she might not be coming back.

2. 'Farewell Ruby'- Everyone is sad that Ruby has been and awesome friend to everyone here. But where is she really. Just then a letter come from Ruby that she will not be coming back because she is gone some where very far away!

Final Appearance: Ruby

3. 'What DJ Competition?'- Now the next person that is gone is Jack. He said that he will be going on a trip to Japan to face the DJ International Competition. But if Jack is gone to a DJ Comp then why has he left all the equipment behind? Also Alex is going with him for his help and assistant.

4.' Bye Bye Jack'- Ben receives and e-mail that Jack will not be coming back because Jack and his family are going to Australia to visit Elmo from Sesame Street and Iggle Piggle from "In the Night Garden". Max discovers that Jack's parents car are still in the house garage and Alex's hat is still in Dani's house.

Final Appearance: Jack and Alex

5. 'The Jobs Are Done'- Toby has got a new job but he has to leave because his job is far away, it's in London. The next he comes and tells Dani that he will be leaving but Dani things he is lying because the P.L.O.P.S manager said that Toby will be taking care of 10 animals today.

6. 'Where has he gone?'- Toby has gone and he didn't even say bye, this is getting strange. Luckily Dani got a phone call that Toby is still in the town but he will not be coming over to Dani's House to stay.

Final Appearance: Toby

7. 'Just Came and Already Gone'- Maisy has just come back and already she is leaving to see her sister Ruby. Dani thinks that is ok because at least she wont be leaving. Max and Ben will miss her and it is starting that things are dropping. Meanwhile, Sam is helping Dani to look for her special shoes.

8. 'Exam'- Maisy has got an exam and if she pass, she will stay with Dani and her friends but if she fails, than she will leave and live with her sister Ruby. Will Maisy succeed in her test, or will she fail and has to get sent away?

Final Appearance: Maisy

9. 'We All Hate Dani'- It looks like that Dani is being ditched from her friends and Sam is leaving because she is back in the NASA programme. Max thinks that all her friends hate her because of her bad attitude in the past few days. Meanwhile, Ben tries to think a way to escape the bathroom.

10. 'Sayonara Sam Again'- Dani and Ben all say good-bye to Sam and wish her luck in space. Sam wishes that she could stay but also she must never give up on her dream. Dani is starting to feel strange because now all her best friends (except for Ben) are gone.

Absent: Max

Final Appearance: Sam

11. 'House that gets Sale or Not'- Ben tells Max that he will be leaving because his family are moving to India. Dani and Max tries to stop Ben's house from being on sale but sabotaging the house but will it work or will Dani and Max stay together in the house forever!!!!

12. 'Party For Ben'- Ben's parents find out what Dani and Max did, so Ben will be leaving for good. Dani and Max puts a party for Ben for the very last time, so what if Ben goes, Dani and Max will always remember him as the comedian boy in the house. Final Appearance: Ben

13 'Alone'- Dani and Max are alone in their house and also it's Dani's birthday and Max's. (Maxi's birthday is 3 days before Dani's birthday) Since all their best friends are gone now, Dani and Max try to have an enjoyable time by experimenting their world of fun. But later at the end of the show, Dani and Max get kidnapped by 2 green aliens. (The show was to be continued)

Note: Final Episode of Dani's House Series 9

It's the final series of Dani's House, series 10. Dani and Max have been kidnapped and what will happen. This is the end of Dani's House, as this is the end everyone will remember the great times they have from Series 1- Series 10. Captain Zang and Zark join the show at the very last episode. In this series, their will be 2 episodes that are 35 minutes long and the last episode is 45 minutes long. In the future, will there be more Dani's House? NOTE: 15 Episodes in DANI'S HOUSE 10


external image b00vf52d_640_360.jpg

1. ' The Roof of our House'- When Dani and Max were kidnapped by two green aliens, Dani and Max finds themselves at their top of their roof. As soon as the light came back on, all their friends were here and it looks like they are putting a birthday party for Dani on the 21st December and Max on the 18th of December. Dani is turning 19 and Max is turning 15.

Debut: Sam, Jack, Ruby, Toby, Alex, Ben and Maisy.

2. 'Maths Attention'- Sam tries to help Maisy with her maths assignment that she needs to do, but it doesn't go really that well. Meanwhile, Toby and Ben try to figure out how to get insides Max's bedroom so Ben can have his new pet evil Axolotl back.

3.'Oh Boy Oh Toy'- As Alex is alone in Dani's house with Dani, they decided to be boyfriends and girlfriends again but is Alex really dating Dani this time? Meanwhile, Maisy wants to grab all of Ben's fluffy toys and especially the green dinosaur.

4. 'Sparkles'- When Ruby and Jack see fireworks at night, they try to create one of their own. Meanwhile, Sam, Ben and Toby are competing in the Cook Off 2 Competition and Dani, Maisy and other guests are the judges.

5. 'Sticks and Stones Do Break My Bones'- Toby was interested about surviving in the wild so he went forest walking. A week later he comes back and has a sore spine. Dani and Ruby try to compete about who is a better person at teaching Toby how to survive in the wild.

6. 'Serious Ben'- Everyone knows that Ben is weird, but today he was being so serious and natural. Dani, Sam, Ruby and Max tries to get the old Ben back. Meanwhile, Jack, Alex and Maisy tries to steal Max's new laptop because it has all the cool games and DJ playlists on it.

7. 'Big Foot, Long Neck'- When Dani bought back her shoes that she bought earlier, she realises that it doesn't fit. She went back to the shops and it looks like she can't change it. Meanwhile, Ben bought in his old toy dinosaur and Maisy accidentally breaks the dinosaur neck. So Maisy ask Alex to help.

8. 'Fashion Freak'- Ruby is into fashion and Maisy says she stinks and she is not worthy enough to be the best top model fashion star, so Ruby asks Jack and Max to help her but Max is really trying to sabotage her and Dani and Sam like the Ruby who does fitness classes.

9. 'Movie Night'- Everyone is having a sleepover at Dani's house tonight and Dani and Max have planned a competition. The competition is that everyone will be watching a horror scary movie at midnight and who ever is scared loses. When the movie was playing, Ben, Alex, Jack, Sam hears scary noises and Max, Maisy, Ruby and Toby see scary things. Is this place haunted?

10. 'Gaming Marathon'- Max, Ben, Alex and Jack are having a gaming marathon of 150 video games to play. Who will win? Meanwhile, Dani and her friends try to help her with her final scene on McHurties Hospital.

11. 'Catastrophe'- The Cat From Hell is back and it's haunting everyone, especially JACK! The gang get their weapons about and try to make the cat from hell go-away but will the Cat from hell escape, or will their parents keep the cat as a pet forever!?

12. 'The Last Time (Part 1)'- It was nearly the end of the series of Dani's House, so everyone decides to flashback some memories from the past few series from series 1-10.

Note: 35 Minute Show

13. 'The Last Time (Part 2)- Dani and the gang continue their flashback memories. Suddenly, Captain Zang and Zark teleported in Dani's house to say how they miss the show so much. So they also flashback some memories of them too. Note: 35 Minute show

14. 'Party For The Show'- It is one step away until it is the end of Dani's House. The whole gang decides to put a party and even Captain Zang and Zark. Everyone has a great time together and the show a little bit of flashbacks on some high, lows, sadness, anger and happy things that happen on the show.

Note: 45 Minute Show

15 'Dani's House'- It is the very last final episode of Dani's House and things are going to a bad ending. Dani, Max, Ben and Sam have created a party for everyone in Dani's house but, Jack, Ruby, Maisy, Alex, Toby and CCC Zang and Zark can't find Dani's House because of the rain, snow and blocking roads. Is the end of Dani's House going to be a disastrous, or could Dani, Max, Ben and Sam rescue them in time before night?

Note: 50 Minute Show

Note: The very last episode of the whole series of Dani's House.

external image b00vf52d_640_360.jpg


1. 'Behind the Scenes of Dani's House'- This is a 40 minute show on the behind the scenes video of Dani's House about their lines, costumes and organization. This is a special video.

2. 'Flashbacks'- Shows flashbacks about the show on Dani's House.

3.' Meet the gang'- This special episode is when we meet the cast of Dani's House and how they feel, what they enjoy and some memories. 45 minute special.

4. 'Dani's House Openings'- Shows all the openings from Dani's House From Series 1-Series 10.

5. Dani's House: The Movie- A movie on Dani's House and the gang are back! Dani and Max's best friends are trying to stop the house from getting sold. But this time, Dani and Max's parents agree that they should sell this house because their parents want to move to a different world. So Dani, Sam, Ruby, Jack, Toby, Max, Ben, Alex and Maisy try to put a stop to this!

6. 'McHurties Hospital 2'- When Dani hears news that Zarina will be filming a McHurties Hospital movie, Dani get's a big role but her best friends want a role in McHurties Hospital too.